protecting old

Mrs. Kamala, aged 70 was deserted by her family due to her old age. Dejected with her life she saw no purpose in living, until she rediscovered a new life at Akshaya old age home.  It is not a lone story at Akshaya. Like her, 50 senior citizens, hailing from different parts of Chennai, with different kinds of stories, have found new purpose in prolonging their otherwise painful life, after coming into the folds of Akshaya.

Akshaya Old Age Home in Mudichur, has been doing a commendable service to those destitute senior citizens by taking them into its fold, giving them shelter, healthy food, medical care and more importantly love and affection.

Started by Mr.Gopalan, an industrialist, in the year 2001, Akshaya today houses 50 senior citizens and provides them with all facility at free of cost. There is a full-fledged physio therapy lab and doctors and nurses visit the home regularly to keep the inmates healthy. Newspapers, magazines and TV are provided to engage and entertain the inmates. In case of any eventuality the home performs all the rituals if the inmate’s relatives don’t turn up.

IMG-20170704-WA0019With the admission of Yamuna Bai, a 92 year old destitute Senior Citizen, Akshaya has touched half century, that is, 50 inmates.

Akshaya  has recently upgraded their facility with new audio system to help the inmates to enjoy music every day, a generator to supply uninterrupted power supply and also a security camera system to ensure safety of the home.

Motivated by the selfless service, many individuals and groups visit Akshaya regularly, support the Trust with donations and also spend time with the inmates entertaining them with music, games, bajans and general conversations. Many people offer donations during their special days such as birthday, wedding day and memorial days of their relatives. Many families even come and celebrate their special days with the inmates.

Akshaya, plans to expand the home further to accommodate few more inmates. A full-fledged palliative care unit is also under preparation and will be functional soon. For the last 15 years, Akshaya Trust has earned the blessings of numerous elders and enormous good will from service minded people. It is worth visiting the Akshaya home at least once, as seeing is believing.