GopalanAkshaya Trust was established  in the year 2001 by Mr G.Goplalan, a technocrat and a businessman. He started his career in a small way and managed to scale it up well and was hugely successful through his earnest work and passion. After merging his company with an MNC, he gave life to his dream of starting an old age home and thus Akshaya Trust was born.

The old age home of the Akshaya Trust has its beginnings in Mr.Gopalan’s anxiety over the use and throw attitude of society. As long as one’s aged parents and grand parents were of use, they could stay at home. Else, they were abused or thrown out by the same wards, for whose upbringing they have dedicated their better part of life. Akshaya  Trust takes care of those who don’t have kith and kin and left alone to spend rest of their life.

Another focus of Mr.Gopalan and Akshaya Trust is, investing in the “future minds”. He  strongly believes that with the right guidance and financial help, young India can be nurtured into both responsible and successful members of the society,



Vision of Akshaya Trust is to stretch out hands to help the people irrespective of their ages, who need support both morally and financially and show them the path of light.