Happy Beneficiaries.

"The assistance I value the most is the non-financial intangible assistance, that is, the motivational assistance. Not only for me, all the beneficiaries feel the same. With out this assistance, I believe things would have been very different. We have learnt, starting from the basic qualities of leading a happy life to the traits needed to succeed in life."



Chemical Engineer working at Infosys

"I used to work in houses and take the left over food from them to my daughters studying in school. But I take just a single tea in a tea stall. Then I worked in a hotel from morning 4 am to night 9 pm for just Rs. 50 and spent even that money for my family. But, when I became old I don’t have my daughters and no one is with me. After coming to Akshaya, I am not worrying. I don’t worry about anything now. I am very happy to be a part of this Home."


Lakshmi Amma

Akshaya Old age Home