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Old age is the final lap of life. It is when we come full circle after a lifetime of responsibilities and duties. It is when we deserve to kick back and reap the fruits of our labour. It is the time to loved and get loved. But, for many elders, this isn’t the case. Their golden period is severely corroded since many are considered burdensome by their families leading to thousands being abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

These abandoned elders face a lot of hardships to secure their basic survival.
a) Struggle to find a job
b) Inability to get access to good healthcare
c) Forced to get shelter in sub-par areas, like pavements and parks
d) Constant Hunger

With no shelter and no care, the elderly are often unable to survive in harsh situations like these. Some end up sick, some are injured, and countless die alone. Old age homes exist and operate with the sole purpose of preventing this neglect of deserted elders.

At Akshaya Trust, we strive to provide for the deserted elders and want to be shining beacons of hope to the lost and forgotten elders. Akshaya Trust operates in Chennai with old age homes in Mudichur, Pallikaranai, and Valasaravakkam where, approximately, 120 elderly people are sheltered and taken care of. The 4th branch with an expected capacity of 75 deserted elders is on the verge of being inaugurated by July 2021.

20 years ago, Mr Gopalan witnessed the horrible conditions of elders abandoned by their children. As a son and parent himself, he couldn’t help but sympathize for the harmless elders. With no one to fend for themselves, Mr Gopalan took the task of supporting these elders upon himself and founded Akshaya Trust to take in destitute elderly people and provide them with the love, care, and support of a family.

The old age homes run by Akshaya Trust provides its elderly residents with a full and wholesome life where they can live with dignity and respect. Special care is given to activate the mental and physical health of the elderly residents providing them a rich social life to stimulate their minds and nutritious and balanced meals 4 times a day coupled with physical activity, to hone their physical health.

Of late with the pandemic bringing the world to a standstill, has severely impacted the elders at Akshaya Trust too. We have been struggling to provide the 4 meals to our elderly residents. If they are not fed properly, they can become weak and become prone to illness. This is a serious concern, since the elderly are at the highest risk of infection and death.

Kindly help us nurture and provide for our residents, who have become family. With your kind donations, we will be able to afford the groceries and condiments required to feed the elderly in our old-age homes. Thank you in advance.

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