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Akshaya Trust

Akshaya’s grand plan for large facility

Akshaya Trust has acquired a property at Aarpakkam village, Kancheepuram district and intend put following facilities there:

  • Old age home which can accommodate 400 person
  • Children home which can accommodate 200 children
  • Primary English medium school ( later classes will be added up to 12 th)
  • Tuition centre to provide evening tuition to near by village students ( from class 9th to 12 th std)
  • Skill training centre to provide Nursing, tailoring , capentarty, plumbing and electrical knowledge to youth and provide them employment opportunity
  • A small clinic which will provide health care facility to people staying there and to residents of near by village
  • Gaushala  which can accommodate 200 cows

The land preparation is over and the construction will start by April 2023. The project is expected to be in operation by end of year 2023.